Monday, March 01, 2010

The boys, on a roll

The Sam-man is now doing a partial version of the ABC's on his own, as shown in this video. He is also counting to 14 (but skipping the "2") and is an all-out ham. He put this (clean!) diaper on his head and ran over to me saying, "Mommy, hat!" Poor guy wasn't feeling well for almost 2 weeks so I captured he and Daddy sleeping on the couch one morning. His big news for the week is that while Mommy was at a baby shower on Saturday, he and Daddy made the transition from crib to "big boy bed." He has successfully slept in it every night and nap since Saturday night. Woohoo! On Thursday of this week, we are hoping to do our potty training day - Potty Party, as we call it. I hope to blog on that later, complete with pictures of our home decorated in a farm theme.

Tomorrow will be Caleb's 7 month birthday. He is as fun as ever, now jabbering more and rolling over, and over and over and over! (I'm convinced his favorite time to roll is smack dab in the middle of a diaper change.) He eats anything we put in front of him, giggles with his brother, and is just an all-around joy. He is almost sitting up on his own. I can let go of him for 60 seconds or so - sometimes longer - before he is distracted by something way out of his reach and he topples over while trying to get it.

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Tim said...

I miss you, Proctors. I can't wait to get together some time, some how. Thanks for sharing bits of your beautiful family with us on here.