Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let not sin overwhelm you . . .

Matt Burden, a Denver Seminary graduate and pastor in Maine, posted some intriguing thoughts today on combating sin in our lives:

My favorite paragraph:

The best answer I've found--from Scripture, from the early church fathers, and from the great traditions of Christian mysticism--is that our motivation can also be founded on a vision of what we could be. More than that, on a vision of what we will be--even here on this earth, in our lifetimes--if only we let God do his work in our hearts. In short, we need to fight sin with a vision of beauty--the beauty of humanity redeemed. It is that beauty of character and divine union that is at stake when we sin. And it must begin with a proper understanding of the atonement--that Jesus came not only to forgive sins, but also to bring holistic healing to the human soul. He came to undo the disease of sin, not just absolve us from the guilt of its symptoms. The redemption wrought through the Cross and the empty tomb has in mind not just a few souls rescued from hell, but an entirely renewed humanity, here and now. We are called to become, through Christ, what we were always meant to be. What might our lives look like if they were rich in holiness and loving union with God? If we get a sense of that potential life--the beauty of it--then we'll know what the stakes are when we sin. We're forfeiting our progress toward a life of tremendous peace and radiance, a life that is our inheritance in Christ.

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