Monday, June 14, 2010

The journey begins...

Dear friends,

Tonight Matt accepted the call to be the senior pastor at Cornerstone Church in Marion, Iowa (!  We are so grateful for your prayers, your wisdom, and your incredible support through this sometimes grueling and yet sometimes delightful process.  Our hearts are already inclined toward the people of this church and we are excited (though a little scared) about what the future holds.  Matt starts early next week after we take some time to travel to Indianola and Boone to see family and friends.  The first two weeks of work will involve lots of prayer and visitation but no preaching responsibilities.  He takes the pulpit July 11th.  We are now launching into house-hunting and getting settled into our new lives.  We would appreciate continued prayer for all of that!  We realize that the job search was really the easy part - now begins the heavy lifting.  (But praise God, Jesus tells us His yoke is easy and His burden is light.) 

-Matt and Carrie


Sarah said...

Matt and I are THRILLED!!! I especially liked the comment about your hearts being inclined toward us-all because I know we'd say the same towards you two (or, should I say, four!).

Congrats!!! I am so thrilled and so excited and hopeful for the future.

-Sarah Bano.

Paul Petroski Jr said...

Congratulations my friend. It is well deserved and well prepared for. May God's blessing be with you and the family on this new journey in life.

Paul Petroski (DenSem)