Thursday, July 22, 2010

More miscellaneous pics from the last 2 months...

Here we have the boys playing in the backyard with Grandpa Steve.  Caleb is showing off his new talent of walking (assisted), which has just developed in the last 2 weeks.  Watch out, world!  There's also a pic of Samuel playing with Uncle James.  We were stuck inside on a rainy day so we busted out the fake snow.  Samuel was really into burying his little dinosaurs and people in it. :)  Then there are the three Proctor grandkids together - Samuel, Caleb and their cute little cousin, Sayers.  This is a classic big brother shot since you can see that he has just dumped a cup full of water on Caleb's head.  And last but not least, a shot of Samuel with his little friends Kenna and Railey Nine the week we left Colorado, taken by my friend Julie who was visiting us from Kansas City.

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