Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So much for spreading Christmas cheer...

Last night our church went caroling in an assisted living/nursing home type facility. As we were preparing to leave, Caleb somehow managed to get his rump off his chair and his forehead onto the edge of a marble fireplace.  Needless to say, we headed (no pun intended) to the doctor.  They sent us to the ER and we made a night of it.  Four hours later, we brought him home with 2 dissolving stitches and 7 outer stitches. He was a trooper the whole evening and we're so proud of him!  He is definitely our brave boy.  Here he is this evening as we changed from one Diego band-aid to another. :)  Next to the actual stitching up process, the most painful part has been Sam's reaction to all this.  He is so sympathetic that he cries when Caleb cries (when we pull off the band-aid) and actually begged us not to change the band-aid tonight because it would hurt Caleb.  So sad and sweet at the same time!  We're very grateful for our two beautiful boys.


Uncle Heeth said...

I'm glad he's ok. He must have picked up some of Matt's accident proneness. lol

Sam's a good BIG brother =)

Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

We call those "tough guy marks" in our house. He's a cutie... even with the stitches.