Monday, January 03, 2011

Merry Christmas...and some other stuff too

So here are some recent pics from the Proctor family.  Mom and Sam on Christmas Eve; Caleb rocking his new Iowa State chair while Grandpa Steve rocks the Christmas suspenders; Caleb's favorite new toy, the storage tub; Samuel and Caleb looking super cute in their new jammies from Aunt Lacey; Sam giving us a cheesy smile while he tries out his new drum; and finally, Sam decorating some Christmas cookies.

Caleb is getting lots of new teeth these days - at least 8 have broken through with more on the way.  He is talking more, usually only food-related words as food seems to be one of his biggest motivating factors in life. :)  (Clearly articulated "MORE" and "NANA" - for banana - today!)  His scar is healing up nicely and he is constantly on the move (which makes Mom suspect that won't be our last trip to the ER with him...)

Samuel is talking all the time - asking questions multiple times, wanting to know why.  He asked why our Christmas tree died about 8 times while we were taking it down.  After answering him 8 times, I finally got right down on his level and said, "Listen, Sam.  The Christmas tree died because we cut it out of the ground.  Do you understand?"  A few minutes later I caught him, right in Caleb's face and with plenty of hand gestures, saying, "Caleb, the Christmas tree died because we cut it out of the ground.  You understand?"  They keep us laughing! :)

Merry Christmas to you all, and a blessed New Year.

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