Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tim Keller on good news

"The real gospel gives us a God more holy than a moralist can bear (since your morality is only a filthy rag before him) and far more loving than a relativist can imagine (since his love cost him dearly)." - Tim Keller

Religious people are trying to get to heaven by obeying a set of rules; unfortunately, no one can obey all the rules and thus only condemnation remains (both in this life and the next).

Irreligious people are trying to experience heaven now by not obeying any rules; unfortunately, this brings hell on earth and a certain hell beyond the grave.

Gospel people quit trying and trust that Jesus left the glories of heaven, entered earth and obeyed all the rules, and then was killed as an innocent victim for all the guilty who can now be set free.

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