Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2011 Central District Conference - EFCA

I am attending my 6th Central District Conferencen of the Evangelical Free Church of America (2003-07, 2011). Day 1 was a rich day of Biblical Exposition, worship, and reaffirmation of our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It's a special blessing to have President Bill Hamel with us this year. Last night he asked the question, "Why Not Today?" Why in the 21st century do we not see both the numerical and spiritual growth of the early church? He highlighted 4 core elements that made up the DNA of  the churches that are highlighted in the Acts of the Apostles:

1) A sense of God's presence that creates a hunger and expectancy for the miraculous.
2) Bold praying to the miracle-working God.
3) Passionate testifying of the Gospel of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
4) Generous giving and sacrifical love to meet the needs of those around us.

When these items are lacking, the work of the Gospel will be drained of vitality. When they are present, the world gets turned upside-down for the glory of God.

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