Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review (s) of the Controversial Book, Love Wins by Rob Bell

Helpful reviews of Rob Bell's Love Wins (more to be added as they become available):

**3/23 - - Fantastic word by friend and fellow Den Sem grad, Chris Durkin.

Added 3/16 Al Mohler -

Added 3/15 - Denny Burke -

Added 3/15 - Russell Moore -

Added 3/15 - Doug Wilson -

Added 3/15 Mark Galli of Christianity Today:

Recently updated (3/14): Kevin DeYoung (long, 20 pages) -

Also updated (3/14): Baker Book House Reviewer (short/clear/concise): - One article on the book by veteran blogger and book reviewer, Tim Challies. - Several articles on the book, very helpful critique with Biblical rationale.

One thing I'm picking up from all the reviews (both the favorable and not-so favorable) is this: Bell tries to cover up or conceal what he really believes (most of the reviewers above, however, pull back the cloak and name him as some version of a universalist). Bell (like in other books) shocks the reader with rhetoric but offers no clear Biblical teaching or definitive, personal position (not to mention a lack of footnotes) on heaven/hell and the fate of every human person. These reviews have cemented my plan to not read the book and use my limited time on this earth to read books with clear positions and Biblical reasoning.

So rather than waste your time reading another, "new" but seemingly unhelpful book, I suggest:

John Stott's The Cross of Christ
J.I. Packer's Knowing God (Knowing God)
C.S. Lewis' allegory on heaven and hell, The Great Divorce

And after you've read those, add a comment and I'll offer a few more suggestions.

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