Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Church's Strategy

2 quotes I've been chewing on the past months:

1) "Discipleship is done by people, not programs." Sunday School does not raise up kids to walk and follow Jesus. But passionate, loving, Word-centered, Christ-exalting Sunday School teachers can. Small groups do not make disciples. But thoughtful, intentional, lovers of God and lover of people can encourage and train others to walk with Jesus. Mentoring does not make disciples. But mentors who invest in the lives of others, remaining in Christ (John 15:5), can overflow with rich spiritual fruit to those under their care.

2) "Church planting is all the craze right now and every 'cool' church is supposed to be doing it, but most people are simply planting services and styles, not churches." If you take 20-200 people from you church and put them in a different location, you are not church planting. All they'll do is sing the same songs, preach similar sermons, and study similar books. But if you take 20-200 Christ-adoring disciples who are trained to make other disciples of Jesus, you are planting a church. These people can reach non-Christians and raise them up to walk with Jesus and then grow into disciple-makers themselves.

It behooves me as a pastor to be a disciple-maker myself. All programs, styles, and services are subservient to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

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