Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer Day

2 Big Surgeries Today:

1) Carrie's sister, Sarah, just got out of 4.5 hour surgery to remove a (Lord willing) benign tumor from her back. Please pray for her and the lengthy recovery she has before her (several weeks on her back and several more unable to lift over 10 lbs., including her adorable toddler). Pray that the tumor is benign. Pray for hearts to lean on Jesus and to trust that though these mortal bodies will one day fade and die, all who trust in Christ for salvation from sin will one day receive bodies that will never decay!

2) A dear son of Cornerstone Church, Jeff Erlacher, is in a cancer-removal surgery in Houston as I write (only the 2nd time this operation has been done in the USA); he's about 6 hours into a surgery that could take up to 24 hours to remove the cancer and infected bone mass and to put in a pelvic prosthetic. Pray for Jeff's wife and son. Pray for Jeff's parents. They are posting updates on this blog: http://unasolaarena.wordpress.com/

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