Friday, April 15, 2011

The Gospel Coalition 2011

I returned yesterday from my 3 day trip to Chicago for The Gospel Coalition Conference to learn, worship, and fellowship with others who love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After spending a week being reminded of the precious truths of the Gospel of Salvation, I realize the main reason I do not share the Gospel regularly is that I am not overwhelmed by the truth of God's wrath for sin and God's remedy in Jesus Christ. When we rejoice in our own salvation from sin deeply, truly, profoundly, then and only then, will we delight (yes, delight!) to share this message with others. I'm praying for my own heart to delight in the Gospel so that I will delight in sharing it with others.

If you are interested, all the main session sermons are available for download already:  The various workshops will be posted in due time. My personal favorites were from Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, and Don Carson.

In addition, you can download the panel discussion entitled, "God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty" on hell, Rob Bell, and the fate of the lost here:

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