Friday, May 06, 2011

Mother's Day - The Other Side

Mother's Day is either the greatest day or the worst day in a woman's year.

For instance, one new mother connected to our church is celebrating this year with her new adopted daughter, and at the same time she is praying for the mother who made the difficult decision to give her daughter into the hands of another. She writes, "Last week I [adopted mom] created a special mother's day card for her [biological mom] on Shutterfly, using recent pictures of Lydia and writing a little note that was "from Lydia". We included a short greeting as well, thanking her for the gift she's given us and admiring her for her strength, once again.... If you think of it, would you mind offering up a prayer for her? Just that Sunday would be a special day, and that it wouldn't be filled with sadness, but rather assurance that she's done the right thing, and that her daughter is in good hands." Read the whole post here:

Another good read comes from professor and pastor Russell Moore on signaling to infertile couples and mothers (and single ladies) that Christ's grace can meet their deepest needs on such a hard holiday.  Moore also calls the church to be sensitive not just on Mother's Day but throughout the year for these aching souls.

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