Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pastor Blooper Reel

From time to time (like daily/hourly), I make mistakes. Some funny, some embarrassing. Luckily, I have a wife and friends who help me identify these life bloopers.

For example, twice in this most recent sermon (and used previously), I have said in a somber/warning tone that humans "Stick their thumbs up" at God (as if this is an act of pride or rebellion). Somehow I've butchered the expressions "thumbing your nose" and "looking down your nose" at someone, and instead by my tone I have left people scratching their head on why it's wrong to bum a ride off God from the side of the road.

In addition, I had 2 Cor. 13:15 as a cross reference in a handout I passed out to the church this past week. Turns out 2 Cor. 13:15 doesn't exist. So either people realized that 2 Cor. 13:5 is the correct reference or they are wondering if their pastor is adding to the Bible.

Or at my first wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to fumble the ring hand-off from the best man. As if this wasn't already embarrassing enough, the ring fall on a stone floor in a chapel with excellent acoustics (Smith Chapel, Indianola, Iowa). The sound traveled so smoothly the guy in the back row may have thought he had dropped something.

The list could go on . . . I almost caused brain damage to a teenager in a youth group game. I have been personally rebuked for bathroom humor at the pulpit (kindly and appropriately, by the way). I have mentioned movies and shown movie clips that were beyond the pale. I have taught younger Bible study members how to build bombs (that led later practitioners to the emergency room).

I can think of a few other embarrassing actions and words that have come out this week too, but I'll save those for another time. But it is interesting how our personalities bring out the worst in us sometimes. Glory to God, I am saved by grace and not by performance. Glory to God, he works despite us quite often.

For those at Cornerstone Church who have withheld pointing out these foibles or the others, I appreciate your loving-kindness and forbearance.

Any other business folks, moms/dads, or pastors out there that have any bloopers to highlight to join the "we're all human" party?


Sara said...

I wondered about that! I thought perhaps you were referencing Shakespeare: "I do bite my thumb, sir."

Also, I once swore in front of a whole group of youth group girls I was driving up to Minneapolis for a conference. I, their trusty teacher, back ended someone in stop and go traffic, and the first thing out of my mouth was....less than wonderful.

Matt and Carrie Proctor said...

"less than wonderful" . . . love it!


Adam Reineke said...

The brain damage in youth group, I think I remember that one. :-) Human bowling, right?

Matt and Carrie Proctor said...

adam - good memory!