Monday, October 17, 2011

Glorious Ruins - Genesis 3:1-24

A number of people from Cornerstone Church asked for the manuscript and audio files for my 2 sermons in Genesis 3. So, I've combined all the sermons into one pdf document that you can download by clicking this link: DOWNLOAD

You can also download audio files for each of these sermons by right-clicking and saving link as:
PART 1 -
PART 2 -

These sermons show how the Fall of humanity into sin came about and the ramifications for such a rebellion.

Big idea in sermon #1: The loss of trust is the loss of life.
Big ideas in sermon #2: Humanity was created to have significance from and access to God. To lose these in the Fall has sent us spiraling downward...Lord willing. to a place of desperation for God.

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