Thursday, January 26, 2012

A 30 Year Old Reflects on the Flu

After a week-long bout with influenza and multiple hours on my back meditating on the fleeting nature of life, I have decided to ruminate a bit:

1) A healthy, hard-working man can go from 60 to zero in short order. Life, breath, and everything else is from the LORD. I must not take for granted one day of good health.
2) Those who suffer with ongoing fatigue and illness need the love and support of friends, family, and the church. I've arrogantly assumed people could "tough it out" in the middle of illness. Now, I see how debilitating illnesses can be.
3) I should not find my identity in what I do. We are human beings, not human doings. Though my work output has been less than stellar, my humanness has not changed. Each human, no matter how sick or incapable of production, deserves dignity, love, and care.
4) Marriage and family are wonderful. I've been so blessed by my family this week through words of encouragement and many acts of love. I love you guys.
5) I long for the day when Jesus returns to consummate the new heavens and new earth. This world is broken, but I know the One who will make all things New!

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