Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food for Thought...the Christian Church Goes Back to Adam

It is a mistake to suppose that the Church thus instituted by Christ was a new Church. The Church of ancient Israel was a Christian Church. It had no reason for existence except in its loyalty to the expected Christ. 

Adam was a Christian; Abraham was a Christian; Moses was a Christian; David was a Christian ; all true Jews were Christians, because they cherished the Hope of Israel and were saved by faith in Christ, precisely as believers are saved in these days. The Jews were " chosen " to transmit the Messianic hope to succeeding ages. In the course of time, however, the great multitude, while keeping up the outward forms of devotion, so far lost the true conception of their Messiah that when He came they were ready to put Him to an ignominious death. But there was always " a remnant" that continued to cherish the Hope.... 

The purpose of Christ was now to reorganise and reanimate this remnant as the true Israel of God, He originated nothing on this occasion. The Christ who presided over this assembly was the Messiah of the Jews. No new creed was formulated, no new code of ethics ; no new plan of salvation ; nothing new. It was a revival of Judaism pure and simple; a renaissance of the Church as originally constituted, the Church of Messiah, the only-begotten Son of God.

From: Burrell, David James, 1844-1926. In the Upper Room : A Practical Exposition of John XIII-XVII 

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Jeff Olson said...

What about Matt.11:11? There seems to be something different, special and separate about the church and even that we are exclusively the kingdom of heaven. We are the bride of Christ not Israel or any previous group. I'll have listen to your sermon on this section of Matt., again.