Wednesday, November 28, 2012

While the world laughs...

While the world laughs, miracles are just around the corner. So goes the story of Jesus showing up to a house where a dead girl lies upstairs and the crowds are below. Jesus says, "She's just asleep." The crowds scorn the foolish rabbi. Moments later the girl awakes and takes nourishment (Luke 8:49-56).

Each day I'm confronted with opportunities to believe in the power of God to work in the seeming impossible moments of life. Each day others are watching and laughing that I believe the God of making all impossibilities possible exists.

Will I believe in the power and promises of the good God who gives good gifts to His children? Or will I act in such a way to make the laughing world quit laughing?

One response brings miracles just around the corner and extreme joy.

The other response avoids mockery but in the quiet approval of the world's opinion there remains no joy, no miracles, and the putrid smell of decaying flesh.

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