Saturday, January 05, 2013

What do the Proctors do on Sabbath?

I was recently asked what *Sabbath* looks like for the Proctors. The *Sabbath is one 24 hour period we take each week that looks a bit different than the other six days. Here's Sabbath in a nutshell for our family. Maybe it will encourage others to embrace something similar...

We have no big rules on Sabbath.

We do work hard to "try" and have most of the house cleaning, laundry, and house projects at a place where they can go on hold. We still cook do dishes and pick up here and there on Sabbath.

Each family needs to create their own day, but we try to make our two priorities playing and praying--enjoying the wonder of God the Creator (the purpose of Sabbath as hinted in Exodus 20) and worshipping God the redeemer (the purpose of Sabbath as explained in Deut. 5). Play and pray; wonder and worship.

Our Sabbaths never looks the same. But some common items are: we eat good foods (often by candle light), take naps, go on walks, play games, share what we're thankful for, spend time with people we love, read good books, read the Good Book, eat out, enjoy nature, watch a family movie, etc.

The things we say "no" to are areas that "feel" like work. So on Sabbath I like to exercise; Carrie does not. I like to rake leaves and mow the yard, but many might not. Carrie likes to cook; if I'm in charge, we order out or in. But as far as possible, our daily work areas are laid aside and we rest in God's sovereign watch care over our lives and the universe. (I'm guessing most 9-5 folks should stay away from the work related to their career and most students shouldn't have to do homework, play their instrument or perform on a field--unless these are acts of wonder and worship and bring rest to the soul.)

Sabbath is for man...indeed. Lord, thank you.

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