Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Books Finished mid-Feb through March

Ten Keys for Unlocking the Bible by Colin Smith (best summary of the story-line of Scripture in miniature)

Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman (great little book on the importance of membership in a local church - best line: "God doesn't command you to join a church but to submit to a church.")

Portraits of a Radical Disciple edited by Chris Wright (an interesting compilation of about 40 friends of John Stott, writing about his life and ministry--I'd suggest finding a different biography unless you are a lover of all things Stott.)

Harry Potter (books 5-6)

Ongoing Books:
Les Miserables
The Institutes of the Christian Religion
Toxic Charity
Lectures to My Students
Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters
Center Church
Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down
The Sower
Harry Potter #7

We'll see if I can actually finish some of these books in the next month or so :)

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