Monday, April 22, 2013

I want to quit making this mistake...

As a Christian, one of my primary goals is to help others become followers of Jesus Christ too.

And yet, I keep making the same mistake over and over again. And it's a big one...

**I fail to ask people to turn from their most besetting sins and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.

What do I mean? Simply this: one of the greatest joys of being a disciple of Jesus is that we can turn from sin. Christ is so amazing, so wonderful, so gracious, and so beautiful that He attracts us to Himself and all that is good and simultaneously away from that which is evil, destructive, and deadly (sin).

We do a disservice when we let people hold onto their "pet sins." Because these "pet sins" are actually vicious monsters that are eating our bodies and souls piece by piece, day by day. When I preach the Gospel (especially to someone I know), I call them to Christ and from their most besetting sins.

To the rich, young ruler, Jesus told him, he had to get rid of all his material wealth and come follow Him. The rich, young ruler had to leave behind worldly riches to find the One who was richness in the flesh.

To the woman caught in adultery, she had to leave her life of sin.

To Saul (also known as Paul), Jesus said he had to quit persecuting the church and start serving the church.

To Peter Jesus demanded that he had to leave his (seemingly successful and difficult to leave) fishing business --a summons that had to be repeated, which suggests Christ will have to call us to leave behind our besetting sins more than once.

What about the people in our world?
  --To some men, we'll need to tell them they need to leave the netherworld of pornography and adultery and come follow Jesus.
  --To some women, we'll need to call them to leave behind vanity and fashion for Jesus.
  --To some adults, we'll need to challenge them leave behind a life of gluttony and drunkenness for Jesus.
  --To others, they will need to quit fornicating, stealing, being lazy, etc.
  --To others, they will need to get rid of their 401K and "financial stability" and cling to the true Rock, Jesus Christ.

Warning: Jesus says "Judge not, lest you be judged." This doesn't mean we cannot call sin sin, and call for repentance in the lives of others. It means, we ought not point out another person's sin without being fully honest of our own sin. And not just honest, but willing to confess it as sin and commit to repent, and keep repenting as more and more sin is made known to us.

Praise God, when someone challenged me to follow Jesus, they told me I had to quit stealing. They told me my pornography had to go. They told me I had to quit lying. In the end, my turning from sin didn't save me. But Jesus Christ empowered me to turn from sin and to find salvation in Him. Each day, I have more to repent from, and yet each day, I see that the way of Jesus is so rich, wonderful, and joyful that I don't want to sin. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, a sinner.

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