Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Books Read, 2013 Update (May to present)

The purpose of this list is to help me remember what I've been putting through my brain as well as give you possible titles to consider in your upcoming reading:

"The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert" - by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield - I highly recommend this memoir of a former tenured English professor and practicing lesbian who had a whirlwind conversion to Jesus Christ. She calls it her "train wreck conversion" in which in a nutshell, she lost everything, except her dog.

"Me, Myself, and Bob" by Phil Vischer: The creator of Veggie Tales traces his rise and fall in the professional world (up to 2004). This is a fantastic book for leaders, artists, pastors, and the like. I highly, highly recommend it.

"The Otherworld" by Jared Wilson - a fun sci-fi, fantasy thriller set in modern Texas. Wilson crafts a tale with a bit of aliens, a bit of demons, and a daring journey of good vs. evil.

"The Sword" by Bryan Litfin: This is a post-apocalyptic adventure book with a great storyline. It's only the first book of three, but I'm planning to move on to #2 soon with excitement.

"Redemptive Divorce" by Mark Gaither: a helpful book that gives hope to any spouse who has suffered long at the hands of an offending love one. This book models both truth and grace, believing in the power of the Gospel.

"The Meaning of Marriage" by Tim Keller: One of the absolute best books on marriage that is out there.

"The Most Important Thing Happening" by Mark Stevens: I loved (loved!) this fiction book that weaves together a series of short stories into one epic tale. This is great writing and worth your time.

"The Light Princess" by George MacDonald: A short fiction book about a person who has lost any sense of gravity both physically and spiritually. This book serves as a helpful reminder to a cynical world that a world without gravity is a world incapable of love, hope, or joy.

"How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee and Stuart: An ok introduction to reading through the Bible.

"Out of the Silent Planet" by CS Lewis: Book One of Lewis' space trilogy (a read aloud book with Carrie).

"Prodigal God" by Tim Keller: Maybe one of the best books introducing people to Jesus.

"Lectures to My Students" by Charles Spurgeon: a must-read book for any Christian leader, also a book that should be reread every 5 years.

"Ben-Hur" by Lewis Wallace: a wonderful book tracing a fictional character during the time of Jesus Christ.

"The Life of Martyn-Lloyd Jones, 1899-1901" by Ian Murray: A fun introduction to one of the greatest 20th century preachers.

"Charles Hodge: The Pride of Princeton" by Hoffecker: I wouldn't really recommend this unless you are a lover of all things Princeton, Presbyterianism, or Reformed theology. To be honest, it ended up being a disappointing book for me.

"Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry" by Paul David Tripp: A good book for those who love and support pastors and for the pastors themselves. 

"The Great Divorce" by CS Lewis: This is Lewis fiction at his best, depicting the ultimate choice of each person for Heaven or for Hell.

"The Art of Pastoring" by David Hansen: a beautiful book that traces the theological nature of what it means to be a shepherd in the modern church.

Any recommendations out there for me to close up 2013 or as we move into 2014?

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