Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Tale of Brides and Dresses

Once upon a time there was a bride set to be married to a handsome king. She herself was born into rags, was unbecoming in many ways, but for some reason known to the king, he had chosen her to be his bride.
                The bride was excited, honored, and humbled. But her insecurities, doubts, and fears remained. She believed the only way this wedding would ever really happen was if she wore the perfect dress. She thought also, How could the townspeople believe I'm the King's bride if I don't look the part? So she collected all the money she had and commissioned a royal tailor to craft the perfect dress. After many days, the bride came to try on the perfect dress. When she walked into the tailor’s shop, the dress looked perfect upon the hanger. Sadly, however, when she tried to put on the dress, her body-shape just couldn’t fit into the dress. She yelled at the tailor and bemoaned that the dress wasn’t right. She charged him again to make the perfect dress.
                The bride left and spent the next week exercising, trying on various corsets to adjust her body shape, and even enlisted the help of the most expensive stylist in the kingdom. Every night she came home, to find that the king had come to visit, but her frenzied activity never allowed for her to return his calls.
                On the following week, she returned to the tailor. Another perfect dress hung upon the hanger, but again, the bride’s body couldn’t fit into the perfect dress. She paid the tailor her every penny, walked out, head hung low--broken, and dejected.
                As she walked the road home, the King approached upon horseback. He called her to look to him. But she refused to look up into his face. He demanded to know why she refused His call and command. To which she replied that she could not fit into the perfect dress. She was not beautiful and would never deserve the King’s hand. And the townspeople would never believe her to be the King's queen.
                To which, the king replied: “My beloved, my love comes in three forms. First, it only comes to the undeserving and the unlovely. Second,  my love for the unlovely is not designed to make the townspeople eye the Queen, but for they, themselves to look upon their King and believe they too can receive His love. And third and finally, my love produces a beauty that no shell of a wedding dress could ever seek to cover. It’s an unfading beauty that befits those who wear rags. Why waste money on clothes that can be eaten by moths when I offer a beauty that lasts forever?" 
                At this the bride looked up again into the face of her King, and it was there that her soul was beautified to be all that it was meant to be. She took His reaching hand and was wrapped up into His love. She spent the remainder of her days a living testimony for all the townspeople that the King takes those in rags and makes them royalty. And rather than bemoan her unbecoming figure or frame ever again, she delighted that the King's unconditional love was evident to all because of her welcome.


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