Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Tale of Froggy Philosophy

"There is no water," remarked the aged tree frog, known by his closest friends as Sticky.

"What are you talking about? You were born in water. If you climb high enough into the tree, you can see a whole pond of water just yonder. Heck, what do you call that stuff that fell from the sky last night...oil?" questioned Sticky's less enlightened friend, Leaper.

"Leaper, yes, I did believe in water when I was young. It seemed real then. But as time has gone on, I realize that was only a tadpole fantasy."

"Huh? Seriously, the stuff hit you in the face last night and now you're saying it doesn't exist. I don't get you."

"Leaper, to perceive wetness does not mean water exists. It's merely a figment of our imagination, forced upon us because of our weakened, biological and evolutionary state. In time, you will see water as unnecessary for life."

"Seems, like you're going to deny trees, grass, and bugs next...things all frogs need and love."

"Now that you mention it, those things could simply be explained away as neurological stimuli," reasoned Sticky. "Amphibious brains as small as ours can play all sorts of tricks. Confirmation of reality is simply impossible."

"Confirmation of what? Seems to me that if you keep explaining away things that seem plain to see and to experience, you're going to have a hard time explaining your explanations. Why can't some things just be true, plain, and obvious?"

"Leaper, Leaper, my hopping friend, to believe in truth would require us to live with restrictions, rules, and restraints. Who would want that?"

"Well, Sticky, to be honest, why is it restricting to find life from water, food from bugs, and protection from trees? What if the things you are trying to deny are the very things you need to really live?"

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