Monday, November 04, 2013

A Forgotten Conversation (fiction)

"Levi, why do you sit here each night, waiting and waiting?"

"This might be Joshua's day, and I don't want to miss it. Besides, Abraham, wouldn't you do the same if Asher was not at home?"

"Levi! It's not like Joshua went to Jerusalem for festival or to Antioch for market. He's gone, who knows where, doing who knows what. What makes you so sure he'll be back?"

"I know he'll be back because he will run out of money soon enough. He didn't have money sense before he left, and with his sinful intentions, I know he isn't going to come to wisdom. My only prayer is he comes home before he dies."

"You know the whole town laughs at you behind your back. They think you should have stoned your son before the court for such flagrant disobedience. How could you give him his inheritance when you did? He basically said he'd rather have you dead and have his inheritance than to see you breathe."

"Yes, Abraham, his folly and selfishness broke my heart. But I was not mad at him; I was mad that the Accuser has such influence over the hearts of those unwilling to heed the voice of the LORD."

"Levi, come to your senses. Joshua is gone; he's not coming back. He wished you dead. Let your dreams die with his disobedience."

"Yes, Abraham, that is it. That is how I will pray--that Joshua will come to his senses. I pray he'd see that the love of his Father is more precious than the arms of a harlot. I pray he'd see the cup of blessing I desire for him is better than a cup of spirits. I pray he'd see that serving me offers greater joy than serving his own selfish ends."

"Levi, seriously, take pride in your other son, David. David works hard, stays out of trouble, and is marked by ambition."

"Yes, David has certainly gone a different route than Joshua. Sometimes though, I feel he is just as eager for the inheritance as his younger brother. There is a coldness and self-righteousness present when he speaks of Joshua. I'm afraid he may work his way to death, whereas his brother will play himself to death."

"Ah, but work is to be commended, Levi."

"Work and play are both gifts that can become deadly when not received with humility. Both are great servants but harmful masters. I pray they both are found by the Master so they are not mastered unto death."

If you are wondering how this story plays out, read Luke 15:11-32

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