Monday, December 02, 2013

I wanted to change history...

I awoke.

Was it a dream? Or was I being forced to live another day in the hell of my own making?

Two nights ago, I finished the creation of a time machine. As the child of Jewish grandparents, I knew the first evil that needed to be undone was the life of Adolph Hitler. I jumped into my machine and went back to a day after the birth of his mother Klara in 1860. Without a shred of conscious, I snuffed out her life.

Over the next several hours, I eradicated the lives of inventors of the atom bomb and methamphetamine. I purged John Wilkes Booth minutes before he entered Ford Theatre. In fact, I tried to undo all the evil I had ever heard or experienced. I jumped eagerly into my machine to return to my time, looking forward to seeing the great world I had just created.

Back in my time, however, I found it quite the reverse of my expectation. I had tried to eradicate as much pain and suffering  I could fathom. But on the other side, I found a world marked by something I did not expect. In the process of removing evil and suffering, I found a world lacking empathy. I saw a world unwilling to persevere amid trial. I saw a world too comfortable with their own falleness and less willing to cry out for redemption. I saw a world indifferent to others, and with a focus on the increase of personal pleasure. Life was not prized; it was assumed.

I realized now all my handiwork had made a world far worse than the world marked by Another's handiwork. I also realized I had no idea how to undo what I had done. Then I heard a voice...

"You are not the first to attempt to undo my work. You are not the first to believe I have mistaken. Rather than submit to the One whose ways are higher than your ways, you have rebelled and tried to remake what I am doing. All who have gotten close, I have allowed to finish their work. I have allowed them to see the results of their efforts. But to spare those I love, they, like you, have only seen a virtual reality. The world that is in My hands has been preserved. You will awake soon and be glad all is still right in the world, because the Maker of the world is still Righteous in all He does."

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