Thursday, December 19, 2013

Parents, breathe and feed the kids some sugar...

In an attempt to tame the beast of "Kindergarchy" (the life-draining situation where parents are ruled by the fate or their children), Kevin DeYoung encourages parents to accept the fact that there are no perfect parents. And lo and behold, the world has been filled with not-so-perfect parents for decades and children seem to make it to adulthood just fine.

DeYoung writes in his new book Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem,

What a world! What a world! My parents were solid as a rock, but we still had a cupboard populated with cereal royalty like Captain Crunch and Count Chocula. In our house the pebbles were fruity and the charms were lucky. The breakfast bowl was a place for marshmallows, not dried camping fruit. Our milk was 2%. And sometimes, if we needed to take the edge off a rough morning, we'd tempt fate and chug a little Vitamin of the best things we can do for our own kids is to find a way of being less frazzled.

Kevin goes on to close off the chapter regarding parenting to encourage us to be faithful to our kids, but ultimately we have to trust the Faithful God to be the One who saves our kids and leads them into the abundant life that only He can bring through Jesus Christ.

So parents, breathe, trust in Christ, and feed the kids some sugar :)

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