Thursday, February 27, 2014

A tale of picture-taking in Arizona

"Hello Julie, what brings you into the shop today?"

"Morning, Lisa, I was wondering if you'd take pictures for Jenny's upcoming wedding."

"Isn't Jenny already married to Paul?" asked Lisa.

"Well, a few months ago we found out Jenny had left Paul for a man at work who was more caring and emotionally available. You know that Paul travels so much, and it's been really hard on Jenny. Paul's tried to be a good husband, but it just hasn't worked out, that's all. I think it will be best for them and the kids in the long run."

"Oh," responded Lisa, "I guess I'd want to sit down with Jenny and this new man to let them know my principles regarding wedding photography."

"Your principles? What are you saying?" Julie questioned.

"It's just that when a couple chooses to mistreat marriage according to my convictions, I want these customers to know where I stand."

Julie's face turned red and she almost shouted, "What do you mean, Lisa? You're not going to do this for me? We've been friends for years."

Lisa responded calmly, "We're definitely friends, and I've cared for Jenny for years. It's just that I don't want her to make a mistake like this and think I'm totally comfortable with it, that's all."

"A mistake? Seriously, Lisa, who are you to lecture my daughter?"

"Julie, I don't want to lecture Jenny. I just want her the opportunity to know where I stand and if she's still comfortable with my principles, I could still be a part of her day. I doubt she'll want me there though."

"So what kinds of principles are you talking about, then?" demanded Julie.

"Well, I guess I'd put it this way. I desire to use my photography to capture the most beautiful and amazing things in life. I believe a life-long marriage of fidelity between a man and a woman is one of the most beautiful and amazing things. If I believe something isn't beautiful or amazing, like a woman leaving her husband for a another man for poor reasons, I would hope the way I take pictures and depict them for others would reveal that this is not something amazing or beautiful."

"So you are saying you wouldn't do your best to make Jenny's day special?"

"No, I probably wouldn't in her mind, because according to my convictions this day looks to be sad, selfish, and inappropriate."

"Who are you to judge what's appropriate and not appropriate?"

"I'm just an artist trying to do my best to accurately reflect what I believe to be true. Every artist is subject to their principles. It's up to Jenny if she'd appreciate my involvement on her day."

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