Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Olympics and Patriotism

"Yo, Joe, did you see snowboarding last night?"

"Huh? Oh, you mean the Olympics, right?"

"Seriously, Joe, what kind of American are you?"

"You're losing me, Jerome. How does watching or not watching a 20 year old flying over a mogul bear any reflection on my American citizenship?"

"Come on man, this happens only once every four years. We gotta cheer for the red, white, and blue."

"Jerome, I have no problem cheering on American athletes, but I'm a bit flabbergasted that the 'best show' of American patriotism is millions of couch potatoes admiring random athletes they've never met."

"Joe, lay off man, we're just trying to support our county."

"That's great, Jerome. But when 83% of Americans say they are going to watch the Olympics and only 54% of registered voters voted for their sitting president, I have a tough time seeing patriotism. Heck, only 2/3 of Americans who can register to vote even have. We won't vote for those who have the power to change the course of history. But 'we're patriotic' because we sit on our couch and eat Doritos."

"Ok, Mr. America, what is real patriotism then?"

"It seems that patriotism is the kind of love for one's country and countrymen that results in personal sacrifice for the good of others. You say you're patriotic, but all you've sacrificed is a few hours of watching your favorite television shows. We haven't help our country one bit when we tune in to watch the Olympics. Maybe any and all true patriots should turn off their television and go sit in on a city council meeting, or volunteer to coach for their parks and rec, or simply bow before the God above and ask for His undeserved blessings. But, please have the moral decency not to question one's love for his or her country based on the amount of hours their rear was stuck to couch watching sports."

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