Monday, February 17, 2014

Yay! New Churches...what?

This scenario needs to die a slow death in American cities (in the same cities where churches close their doors too often because there has been no gospel-impact for decades):

New Church A moves into town.

Old Churches A-Z lose members to New Church A.

Old Churches A-Z question the integrity of New Church A. They won't partner with New Church A. They won't pray for New Church A.

New Church A grows, matures, and enters the ranks of Old Churches A-Z.

New Church B enters town and the cycle repeats itself.

All the while, God, as far I can tell, pours His blessing on the work of New Churches A-Z. Maybe it is God gifting the faith of New Churches to begin a new church. Maybe it is God stirring up and reviving the dry bones sitting in Old Churches A-Z. Maybe it's simply God testing His people on whether they will rejoice with those who are rejoicing.

We need church addition and multiplication in America...celebrate the arrival of any Gospel-preaching church. It's good for the city and the Kingdom.

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