Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Insulted and Inaccurate - 50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

It appears http://wallstreetinsanity.com/50-things-every-woman-should-realize-about-men/

In it, he basically told women to tolerate all sex-crazy, selfish, and ego-centric males. He reduced women to sex toys who are supposed to graciously allow for moral imperfections, sexual perversions, and undiluted pride in their men.

Women, some 'men' may be like this, but no man should be. Do not settle for such worthless dregs.

Men who agree with more than 5-10 of these 50 things, and Chuck Henderson in particular, shame on you.

Real men sacrifice for the needs of women. Real men restrain their sexual appetites until marriage. Real men want to honor, serve, and protect women.

I confess there have been too many moments in my life that I have thought some of Henderson's realizations were ok. Some I've even acted upon in thought, word, and deed. But at no point did succumbing to the flesh make me a man. Real men should act like soldiers trained for war. We put our own preferences and fleshly desires aside. We train for battle and develop self-control for the sake of the weak and vulnerable. We lay down our wants to meet the needs of others. We stay focused until our blood s spilled and our bodies fall to the ground.

Women need soldier men, not sexualized men. Women need the boys of this world (i.e. Chuck Henderson) to grow into real men.

Jesus of Nazareth said it best when he said a real hero doesn't seek power and lordship over people. Instead, the greatest men will use whatever power and position they have to meet the needs of others. This is why Jesus (fully God and full man) used all his position and all his power to redeem us on the Cross of Calvary. That includes me. I'm in need of redemption. I'm in need of being brought out of dead end life.

But woe to the man/boy who takes his cues from the banal perversion that was penned by Chuck Henderson.

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