Thursday, April 03, 2014

Time to Grow Up

"Sugar, could you help me with the groceries?"

"Mom, I'm really busy right now, the guys really need me."

"Who are the guys?"

"Oh, well, I only know their screen names. I'm pretty sure killer424 is from Bermuda and samson007 is from Georgia."

"MOM!" screamed Tim as his mother clicked off the TV. "Why did you do that? I don't turn off the TV when you are watching something you like."

"Tim, first of all, it's my TV so you better not turn it off, ever. Second, if you are going to live here, you are going to help with household duties."

"Mom, seriously, I'm not planning to stay long. I had two interviews last week. I'm just trying to enjoy myself before I hit the real world."

"Tim, you are 24. You've been done with college for 6 months. The real world hit when you were 18, but you still play video games with "the guys" and blow off all real responsibility."

"It's just my way to relax."

"Relax? Your whole life is one big relaxation. Adults relax by taking a long shower or a 30 minute walk. A 24-hour Ghost Recon marathon isn't relaxation--it's laziness."

"Whatever's just something you older people don't understand. I grew up on this. You kill hours in front of the TV watching every Law and Order spin-off show ever made, and now you lecture me on video games."

"Alright sonny boy, why don't you try working 50 hours a week, taking care of a home, and raising 3 kids? Your dad and I might not be perfect, but the bills are paid, our kids are educated, and we've weathered 30 years of marriage."

"Hmph...all you do is complain, complain, complain," continued Tim, "At least, I'm happy with my life. I'd never take a job that makes me as depressed as you."

"Tim, dear, I have a job that doesn't make my heart flutter--that's for sure. But I know that my work serves customers. I know that my work honors my fellow employees. The money I make is hard-earned, and it's the money that sent you to school and feeds your belly to this day."

"Well, you won't see me going the same road you did. I'm going to be somebody."

"Alright kid. I'm done with this conversation. Until you realize that being 'somebody' has a lot more to do with hard work, sacrifice, and setting aside your own wants for the sake of others, you won't get anywhere or be anyone. If you think 'being somebody' means finding the job that releases you for more XBox 360 hours (or vacation or sex or whatever), you won't amount to much. You'll simply grow into a bigger kid. A grown up quits living for themselves and lives for others. The greatest Somebody who ever walked this earth deserved a life of luxury and praise; instead, he took a Cross of suffering for all the kids still playing their self-serving games."

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