Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Asleep at the wheel

I awoke three feet outside the left shoulder. In a few seconds, my drooping eyes had missed the curve in the road. At 75 miles per hour, I couldn't just whip the car back onto the road. By the sheer grace of God, our van traveled another 4-5 feet into the median, which by God's sheer grace was only 36-inch tall weeds. In another few moments, I was able to bring the car back onto the 2 lanes of interstate and navigate to the far right shoulder. There, I paused and thanked the Maker that the six people in this vehicle (my four dear children and beloved wife of eleven ears) were all alive.

The van had no scratch...only a few hundred weeds in the grill. We avoided all possible road signs, of which there were many. We didn't tip over, of which was easily possible. We traveled another 400 miles safely home.

I don't deserve to breathe today. But I'm thankful to be alive.

In an even more stark spiritual reality, my sin had me careening toward the median of death. I was moving at a colossal speed. But by God's sheer grace, I escaped death. Not (again) because I was good or deserving, but because someone died in my place. Jesus took my death so I could live. May each remaining breath be a gift back to Him.


Anonymous said...

Mercy, matt! I am thankful for Gods grace to save your family! Its not Allstate, but you are in good hands! This is definitely a good analogy of us behind the wheel of our lives! Honestly, its what I thought you were getting at! Sometimes our droopy eyes loose sight of what is important, and the sharp corners come up all of a sudden, and we run astray! Yet, by Gods grace, we are saved!

Thanks for sharing!

Kurt Sheffield

Anonymous said...

I was praying for you and your family to be safe everyday you all were away on your time off. God answered my everyday prayers for you guys!! I am thankful for Gods Blessings toward us!! :) God has blessed our whole church because of you and your family!! Always remember that!!
Praises to our Lord Jesus!!
Lori Lee

Mary Lou Erlacher said...

Thank you for your stark analogy...I pray for other lessons in less precarious circumstances. Blessings on you and your family. Love you all,