Friday, September 12, 2014

How I would have live tweeted my last sermon:

10:30AM - Pastor Matt quoting another movie...It's a Wonderful Life. How are you going to relate that to Ecclesiastes chapter 1?

10:31AM - Whose life is wonderful? seriously! My kid peed his bed twice this week.

10:35AM - This book of Ecclesiastes writer seems like he's either really depressed or he's setting us up for a joke.

10:38AM - All the preacher's points are about 'vexation' - It's vexing that I don't know what vexation means.

10:40AM - Life is cyclical, that's for sure. Every Sunday, Pastor Matt talks, and talks, and talks...

10:42AM - Pastor Matt might as well call that pulpit a confession booth or a therapist couch; he's always telling us his crud.

10:45AM - Meaningless, meaningless says the teacher, everything is meaningless - if that's the case why'd you take so much time to write the book?

10:48AM - Another Tim Keller quote - does this preacher come up with any of his own ideas?

10:51AM - Ouch, he just went from preaching to meddling. My feet hurt.

10:54AM - Good talk about yourself some more; get off my toes.

10:58AM - Oh, so your back to my life again, huh? What if I don't listen and keep typing away on Twitter?

11:01AM - Hope!! Finally. So all this frustration and futility is supposed to send me to look for hope beyond life under the sun.

11:02AM - Jesus solves everything, doesn't he?

11:04AM - Seriously, another movie reference - Mr. Holland's Opus -

11:07AM - Wait....I could find meaning in this ordinary world...give me more of that.

11:09AM - That's it; come on man! Well, I guess there's more to the book - see you next week.

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