Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"I don't judge; I love."

Those who claim to love apart from judgment are dangerous.

Judgment points people toward what is good and away from what is harmful. (that is loving)

Judgment says one thing is beautiful and another thing is ugly. (that is loving)

Judgment informs us on nutritious vs. junk food. (that is loving)

Judgment highlights virtue and condemns vice. (that is loving)

Judgment recognizes authority and rejects antinomianism. (that is loving)

A non-judgmental love offers no wisdom, counsel, or direction. 

A non-judgmental love refuses to cry out to protect the wandering.

A non-judgmental love has no opinion, backbone, or personality.

A non-judgmental love acceptance means nothing because it accepts anything and anyone. 

The reality: Real love judges. Real judgment is done with love.

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