Monday, June 29, 2015

A Kite that Wants to Soar

There once was a kite that loved soaring into the sky. The wind in its tail and the glories of the heights enraptured its soul. But one day the kite felt constrained by the string and its owner’s grip. The kite thought, “If only I could get away from this string and this puller of the string, then I’d be free to seek higher glories.” And so the kite cut its string. For a few moments, the kite took off at breakneck speed. Higher than ever thought possible, the kite soared.
                But then the truth of physics struck. For a kite with no string has no negative force acting upon it to keep wind in its sails. The kite plummeted fast and crashed mightily. To escape the string and its master brought more destruction than ever thought possible.
                The question remains for the kite. Will it put itself back under the Master’s power? Will the kite face the facts? Fall back under the Master’s guiding hand? And find the forgiveness it needs to soar again? Will it? Will you

This was the closing story to a sermon preached 6/28/2015:

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