Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Priorities for Families with School Starting

1) Update your prayer list. Pray that your child would seek first God's kingdom in all their endeavors and in all their education. Pray regularly for teachers, classmates, coaches, and conductors.  (If you're a public, private, or home educator, "Help Lord", is a good prayer.) Pray for administrators. Pray to God that you'd prioritize your schedule for His glory, not your kids' glory, your glory, your teams' glory, etc.

2) Develop a kingdom-minded schedule. What are the things that allow you to grow in Christ and focus on the Kingdom?
       Make sure those items of utmost importance are scheduled first. Start with carving out 24 hours for a weekly Sabbath--if all all possible, make this the Lord's Day (Sunday)--a day for worship, resting, praying and playing. Next, schedule daily time (or at least most days) where you personally and your family together pause to pray and hear God's Word. From there, listen to the Spirit and wise counselors and friends. We'll need to honor our vocational callings as students, entrepreneurs, engineers, homemakers, moms, dads, etc. At some level, we all need wisdom to schedule good sleeping routines, exercise, and wise eating patterns. Each of us need regular time with other believers during the week--a small group Bible study, 1-on-1 accountability, and things of that nature. When will you read, hone skills, pursue life-giving hobbies, serve the poor, and the like?
        In a fallen world, we'll never finished "our" work. But Christ's work is finished...begin by resting in His finished work.

3) Work with your eyes on Christ. Success for you and your family members is not measured by grades, promotions or paychecks. Success is not what your boss or coach thinks. Success is walking by faith in and for the Son of God. Through Jesus Christ, all believers are dearly loved children of the Father and pleasing in His sight. Now, live for HIM--not your boss, not to out-do you cube-mate, not to impress scholarship committees, not just to get ahead. We are not to be man-pleasers or to work with our eye on the employer. We focus on for Him and through Him. All labors are not in vain...Jesus' resurrection assures that all worthy, sacrificial, love-inspired labors will be tested, tried, and found approved and blessed. Labor in love; labor for Jesus.

Dorothy Sayers reminds us, "The only Christian work is good work well done. "

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