Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No introductory fluff

                With a hunger of expectation, I devour books like some people binge on Netflix. Sadly, too many books in the 21st century have embraced a practice that most filmmakers figured out decades ago--just start the story. Since the dawning of fast forward, no one watches the ten-minute credits that precede the epic films of the 1940s. Still, however, the more books written, the longer introductions have become. Then, there are forwards, acknowledgements, and then some sadist thought new editions needed multiple introductions for each edition.  We assume your spouse and children played a key role in the book’s development. Yes, we get it; your editor corrected your English and those six couples that come over for yard games in the summer were a huge inspiration. Well, ladies and gentlemen, guess what? Those one to two dozen people we do not know and will never meet are going to read your entire book so if you put those kind words in the back, they will get to them in due time. For the rest of us, just start the story. 

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Tim said...

Does anyone say that about sermons? :) I know it's different but I wanted to throw it in there.

I do enjoy whenever you post - even when it's not life changing.
Love ya, brother.