Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Poem: Babies and our Joy

They wiggle their toes and we smile with glee,
A tiny little person that looks like me,
They stretch and they stir and all is aglow,
Little souls at work, new lives to grow.

All that pictured so life can be seen,
All that from an ultrasound screen,
My future so fragile, my pleasures at risk,
My hopes could be dashed, a bad choice tsk tsk.

They suggest I can end it,
That life I can kill,
Their body dismembered, my body free,
Sign here, they say, for life is for me.

Family planning it's called, but death is their plan,
Not parenthood, but 'freedom' on demand,
I want joy now; it has to be mine.
Sacrifice, pain, responsibility take too much time.

But grace is sufficient to cover my shame,
Grace comes through Jesus' name--
Grace to choose what is right,
Grace to protect those without might.

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