Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Problems with evangelical Christianity...

#1: They take the Bible as the Word of God, able to be read and understood in its original context and with ongoing significance, without error in the original writings, with the authority to speak to all aspects of life from the board room to the bedroom. The problem with this is I lose authority and control over life. I don't get to dictate right and wrong; I'm expected to learn and submit to right and wrong.

#2: They believe in the supernatural. They make the the universe God-haunted, demon-filled, and divinely-dependent. They think God hears prayers, responds to human choice, and invades human decision-making. The problem with this is God can override me and circumvent me.

#3: They believe in hell and judgment. They believe human thoughts, attitudes, and behavior are observed by an all-seeing eye who responds to my wrongdoing without favoritism. My life matters according to the cosmic scale of history. If I align myself with the universe and its divinely appointed author, then I am rewarded. If I go against the Maker and his ways, I experience the consequences of opposing the ordering of the universe. The problem with this is I cannot live any way I want and get whatever consequences I want.

#4: They believe Jesus was God and Human (John 1:1-3, 14). They think Jesus is not just a good moral teacher who I can carefully scrutinize picking and choosing what ideas I like. They think what Jesus says about marriage and adultery (Matthew 19) is as important as what he says about children (Matthew 18) and the poor (Matthew 25). They believe if I pick and choose what I like about Jesus, His teaching, and His apostles, then I'm really not a Christian but a part of a religion of my own making. The problem with this is Jesus' demands and expectations are out of this world; no one can do all this; it's simply impossible.

#5: They believe grace leads to life change. They think grace is not a license for immorality, but a pathway to transformation. They believe love has strings attached, jealous strings that demand affection and loyalty from those who claim to love God (John 14:21). They believe the costly grace of the Cross leads to costly obedience. The problem with this is I'm running out of excuses.

#6: They believe faith and repentance in Jesus Christ is the only pathway to hope. They do not think Jesus is a way to God but the way (John 14:6). The problem with this...wait, wait just a minute. That's amazing news. There is a way to God!! Who cares if it's only one way? There is a way. Glory, hallelujah. I'm going to give up my problems with evangelical Christianity because their solutions are way more sufficient and satisfying than my problems.

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David said...

Clever way of approaching the beliefs of Christians with a biblical worldview.