Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Authenticity and Holiness - Are they compatible?

I've been chewing on the insights from a bishop in the Free Methodist church. Click the link and read Bishop Matt Thomas' January 2nd posting: http://fmcusa.org/matthewthomas/2016/01/02/the-church-of-my-dreams-and-prayers/

Even if you don't agree with every sentence in his post, I find his final paragraph to be a compelling vision for any local church:

I would be very encouraged by a church filled with folks (humble, with visible scars from the past, living in authenticity, transparency and vulnerability) who have found answers, solutions and help from Jesus Christ in their most deep and troubling areas of life.  I would be encouraged by a church that has been saturated not only with stories of damage, but deliverance.  I am thrilled to see churches where folks can come and find salvation from the horrible stuff.  I am sure that it will require authentic experiences, transparent testimonies and unpretentious vulnerability.  But, it will lead to Jesus and the demonstration of Jesus in us.  That is a church for the ages and especially for today.

How would you respond to Bishop Thomas?

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