Sunday, May 01, 2016

The same adventures

There's this itch for new that consumes our games, new movies, new clothes, new homes, new cars, new friends, new spouses.

We haven't checked Facebook for a while (say 15 minutes) so we update our news feed. Oh wait, there's a new image from Instagram. Wait...was that my phone vibrating--a new text.

This constant longing for new exposes the ache in our soul for something to capture us. We want something, something now that captivates our senses, captures our souls, and calls us beyond this moment to something truly eternal.

But all I have is the same kids, same spouse, same house, same job, and same God. Or do I?

One of the growing realizations of late is that all these "sames" are actually filled with eternal delights. There are things about my kids I've never discovered or seen. If I only give them a daily dose of time, I'll never catch the beauty and depth yet to be mined. Likewise, the 10 minute daily download with my wife only scratches the surface of this immortal soul who inhabits my home.

Or take my car...the 2007 Taurus you are all so jealous of. Just this Saturday, I got to be under the car for 2 hours. On my friend's lift, I could see the remarkable engineering of this supposed "run-of-the-mill" domestic automobile. So much to learn and experience. The grease on my hands was thrilling. The pounding to remove a few parts was a new experience. The excitement of a finished project brought fulfillment to my chest. If I'd run out last year and bought a brand new car, the repair we did Saturday wouldn't have been needed. It was the same car that provided the new adventure.

And so, as I wake today, I'm alerted that in this same place, among these same people, thrilling adventures await. I'll have to ask new questions, try new things, and linger a bit longer. But here, right here, there is gold to be mined.

Oh, how much more so, when we speak of the goodness and glory of God. Why do I get bored with God? Certainly the problem is not on his end. Am I willing to go deep? Am I willing to linger longer? How how deep are the riches...but available only for those willing to stick around to discover and dig.

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