Sunday, December 11, 2016

Do you want to hear God?

  Four instructions that were inspired by Thomas Watson’s 1692 book entitled, A Body of Divinity:

   1. See your need of hearing. Before you will give Jesus you ear, you need to come to grips that there is no one more good or glorious than the Son of God. You can listen to Him or other voices. 

     2. Go to Christ to teach you. This starts at the heart. This is a prayer of desire. “Jesus, speak to me.”

    3. Use the tools Christ has recommended. Contrary to Eastern religions that tell you to clear your mind, Jesus wants you to fill Your mind with truth. The best way to hear Jesus is to pick up your Bibles and read. Read for understanding. Read for meditation. Memorize the Word. Study the Word. Listen attentively to the preaching of God’s Word. God has spoken in the Old Testament. God has spoken through Christ…and we hear Christ when we read of Him in the New Testament. Jesus is not limited to speaking to us from the Bible, but we will not know His voice if we don’t know the Bible.

      4.  Finally, if you would want to hear more from Jesus, believe and act on what you’ve heard thus far. I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to hear from God. But, the Biblical model seems to be that God speaks to us so that we obey and believe. He doesn’t speak new things until we’re willing to obey the original things. Where has God spoken that you need to believe and act? 

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