Friday, June 16, 2017

A fascinating USA Today Article that questions "Born This Way"

On about page 4, one researcher (labeled as an "activist-academic in sex") argues that sexuality is biopsychosocial (related to biology, psychology and the social world). That's one of the best descriptions I've ever heard from someone in the scientific community regarding the dynamic of human personality, preferences, orientation, etc. 

One key difference in the scientific community and Christianity is that science studies what "is," and has no category for what "should be." Christianity believes in ethics and norms. Genesis chapters 1-3 reveal that the world is not as it "is" supposed to be. We've lost our connection to God, the earth, and one another (we see these explained in Genesis 3). There's been a breakdown within our selves. The term for this is "original sin." There's also a breakdown in the world; it is "fallen." It doesn't function as it is supposed to (think natural disasters, climate change, disease). Likewise, relationships are corrupted by shame, pride, and abuse.

So, let's go back to this term biopsychosocial, which I think is a useful label for the make-up of a human person. Christians would be ok with this term, but put it in the context of original sin and a fallen world. Thus, our biology is corrupt; our minds are corrupt; and our social world is fallen. Thus, we should question the summation of our biopsychosocial make-up. Every aspect of our world and lives and minds is "off" at some level (including our gender and sexuality--whether LGTBAQ, Straight, or something else). 

This is why we all need Holy Scripture to detail what is right, good, true, and beautiful (because we need an accurate scale to judge our world and souls). Likewise, we need the Holy Spirit to convict us of our sin and unrighteousness and then empower us by His grace to turn away from all that is "off" from God's Word and turn toward the path that leads to life, beauty, holiness, and love. We see life, beauty, holiness, and love most preeminently in the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, a perfect human who honored the commands and teachings of God and then offered His life for the sins of others. He lived the life we were supposed to live, and then He took the death we deserved.

Heal us Jesus. We're all off at multiple levels, prone to wander, prone to leave the God we love...take our hearts and seal them, O Lord, seal them for the courts above. Praise God, His grace is big enough to save and sanctify anyone.

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